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Posted May 26, 2017

2018-19 OPC/NPL Signing Policies

2018-19 OPC/NPL Signing Commitment Form

2017-18 Coach and Manager Handbook 8-22-17

OPC Post Game Report 2019-20

Reschedule/Weather Policy and Code of Conduct 7-22-17

Reschedule Process

Must be done 14 days in advance of the scheduled match.

1. Contact your opponent to agree on a new time or a new date and time
2. Fill out online form to request reschedule at the following link: RESCHEDULE REQUEST FORM (new for 2019-20 season)
3. OPC will approve or deny the reschedule request based on the following:
      Has the form been submitted at least 14 days prior to the scheduled match?
      Has your opponent agreed to the reschedule?
4. If your request has been approved, OPC will make sure the fields and referees are available and move the game in GotSoccer
5. OPC will then notify all teams involved of the change in GotSoccer
6. If your request has been denied, OPC will notify all teams involved of the reason for the request denial
7. If the reason for the denial is because fields/referees are not available, please agree on a new time/date and email opcscheduler@gmail.com while copying your opponent's coach/manager

PLEASE NOTE: There could be additional fees (such as referee fees) assessed based on the home club policy if a reschedule is requested after the 14 day window. Check with your home club for details. Example: If a team no shows or cancels a game with 3 days notice, the team who cancelled will be liable for the full referee fees.

Guide for Reschedules  to Contacting Teams and Communicating within GotSoccer

Coach Match Evaluation Report